lca-logoChristian education involves the whole person: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. All elements influencing the education of a child must be consistent and must be properly reinforced.

In view of this, it is important that a Christian school be supported by a Christian home and a Bible-believing church. Lakeland Christian Academy was founded to educate the children of Christian parents. The school replaces neither the home nor the church, but is rather an extension of them. All three must be complementary, which means that all three must be in biblical agreement for a truly well-rounded Christian education for the child. It is therefore necessary that all LCA parents agree with the philosophy and teaching of the school.

The following admission policies have been adopted to ensure consistent standards of admission in agreement with the philosophy and by-laws of the school.


The parents must profess to be born-again, Bible-believing, Christ-honoring Christians. (An exception may be made when only one parent is a born-again believer, providing the non-believing spouse agrees not to oppose the biblical teaching of the school.) The parents must complete the section on the Application for Admission stating their relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and live their lives accordingly.

The parents must state, in writing, that they have read and agree with the Statement of Faith of the school, and both parents must agree to have their child(ren) educated accordingly.

The parents must agree that:

a. the school has full discretion in the discipline of their child(ren) within the bounds of the discipline policy.

b. they will meet all tuition and other financial obligations.

c. they will willingly support the school in prayer and in lending practical help as needed by the school.

d. they will follow the Matthew 18 principle in resolving problems or conflicts.

All families must be in active fellowship with a Bible-believing church. Both parents, as well as the prospective student, will go through the interview process before admission is granted. Representatives from the administration, board of directors and/or LCA faculty members may included in the interview(s).

Admission is based upon the recommendation of the members of the interview committee(s). In certain instances, an admission committee may grant admission on a probationary basis, subject to review at the end of a given probationary period.

Admission may be denied to any student with disciplinary, psychological, behavioral, or academic problems, which the school is not adequately equipped to handle. The acceptance or rejection of applicants will be done either by written notification or personal contact.

The registration fee will be refunded if a student is not granted initial admission by the school.

Lakeland Christian Academy will request academic and health records from the student’s previous school.


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