Go Cougars!

Lakeland Christian Academy emphasizes teamwork, discipline, and spiritual growth through its athletic program.


Athletic teams are organized for students at both the junior high and senior high levels. A $75 participation fee is required per student per sport.


Boys’ sports include: soccer, cross country, basketball, track and field, and golf.


Girls’ sports include: volleyball, cross country basketball, and track and field.


Various colleges have awarded athletic scholarships to past LCA graduates. Those students have or are presently participating at the collegiate level.


Students involved in Lakeland’s athletic program must maintain acceptable academic grades to participate. Students must have no F’s, and no more than 2 D’s at the weekly grade check to participate in athletic activities during the week (Monday through Saturday). This includes practices and games.


Students serving a suspension (out of school or in school) are ineligible to participate in athletic activities the day(s) of suspension.


Team participation in junior varsity and varsity sports is limited to currently enrolled full-time LCA students (enrolled for 6 class periods). Junior high homeschool students, who meet school standards, may participate on a junior high school team for an additional athletic fee. Interested junior high students must complete an LCA application.

Yocum, Tim






Pictured: Mr. Tim Yocum, Athletic Director