At LCA, art is more than simply a class - art is a form of worship and students learn how art can reflect the creativity of God. Students have the opportunity to expand their skills in both 2D and 3D art by learning painting, printmaking, drawing, and ceramics.  In more advanced art classes, students will leave with a college-ready portfolio of their work throughout their years in the program.  Students also have the opportunity to compete in local, state, and national art competitions, and many have either placed or won.

Students engage in learning experiences that encompass art history, art criticism, aesthetics, production, and integrated studies. They also have the opportunity to explore the historical and cultural background and connections, analyze and interpret artwork, and the nature of art.


Every art project provides the opportunity to highlight and turn our attention toward God as the original artist, the creator of everything. He is the one who has given us the abilities to create and our gifts should be used for the glory of God.

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