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As we speak to graduates, we are encouraged to see discerning, lifelong learners, who are living out what they have been taught at LCA.  Each student has learned to defend and present his or her faith in a loving way as Jesus did.

​Our Bible department gives each student the tools that are needed to understand and grow in their personal walk with Christ, while also equipping them to discern false views and defend their own faith.  We create a culture in which students are challenged and encouraged to take the next step in their spiritual walk. We are not perfect, but we encourage each student to pursue holiness and excellence in their spiritual and academic lives.

By being educated in the salvation message, students begin their journey, in middle school, by understanding the Gospel and that they are created in God’s image.  Personal interactions with teachers and interactive discussions with fellow students help develop and challenge a faith based on the truth of God’s Word. Outside of the classroom, we also encourage students to get plugged into a local church and to develop accountability with other students. We provide time each week for the entire student body to worship and receive Biblical instruction together through a student-led chapel.

In high school, we want students to understand the importance of interpreting the truth of God’s Word for themselves, apologetics, and evangelism. Classes are highly academic doctrinal classes on par with most Christian universities in rigor and study. These classes prepare each student for the standards expected by most Christian colleges, and for them to be leaders and teachers in their respective churches

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