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Writing is one of the most foundational skills for students to learn, and at LCA students graduate well prepared to write at and above the college level.  ACT, SAT, and state testing scores continue to be not only well above state averages, but also among the top in the county.  Students also continue to improve year to year in their language arts and writing skills.

In addition to developing well-rounded writers, one of our greatest strengths in the English department is our emphasis on biblical integration in all areas of the language arts curriculum. This emphasis has helped fulfill our school's mission of not just helping students to grow towards academic excellence, but also discipling them towards being Christians who will think critically, problem solve, and impact their world for Christ.

​Students have the opportunity to engage with famous books, poems, and plays while they develop their reading comprehension skills.  Small class sizes allow students to work in group settings - in fact, in AP classes you can find students sitting in a circle reading and discussing classical literature.

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