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Kindergarten is a big, wonderful year; full of growth and challenges. At Lakeland Christian Academy, we partner with parents to be certain each individual child is ready for this year full of learning foundations.  This class will grow academically, developmentally, spiritually, and physically as they develop the necessary skills for reading, math, the fine arts, physical education, and the sciences, enabling them to successfully develop a life-long love of learning. At Lakeland Christian, children must be 5 years old by August 1 of their Kindergarten year. We use a well-respected test to determine the placement that is right for your child. 

We invite you to partner with us in providing your children with a love for our Lord and learning!

A Testimony from a Parent About Mrs. Holderman's Kindergarten Class

"Mrs. Holderman has been the kindergarten teacher for our two oldest children and we have been very thankful to have her as their teacher.  We have spent time in her classroom and have been impressed with the patience and kindness that she has towards her students.  She is very in-tune with the kids’ personalities and seems to know each of her students well.  She creates a fun learning environment for the students, which we believe is crucial at that age.  Her love for Jesus is evident in the way she teaches and we value the fact that she centers learning around the Bible.  She encourages kids to ask questions and grow in the Lord which is important to us as parents.

Kindergarten is an important year for all children given how much change is happening in their lives at the time; going from partial to full-day school is a big deal!  Mrs. Holderman includes rest time, reading, exercise breaks, etc. during the day which all help make the transition easier.  Mrs. Holderman is also an excellent communicator and keeps parents updated on their child’s performance and class activities.  The structure of Kindergarten at LCA lays a positive foundation for students to grow to enjoy school which can benefit them in the long run.  Mrs. Holderman's professionalism, emphasis on learning, and deep faith make her an exceptional teacher."

A Kindergarten Parent