Joe Elrod




Leadership Team

Angie Lambert

Preschool Director

Joye Andrew

Elementary Principal

Rebecca Monsma

Secondary Principal

Rob Mansfield

Campus Pastor

Julie Bauer

Chief Accountability Officer

Tim Yocum

Athletic Director/Facilities Manager

Mindy Harman

Business Manager

Andrea Boyer

Community Connection Director



Kristen Calizo

Secondary Campus Office Manager

Noelle Daley

Elementary Office Assistant


LuAnn Gaisford



Vern Gross



Beth Harkins

Secondary Campus Nurse


Denise Hoyt

Admissions Officer


Marc Miller

IT Director/PE Teacher


Tiffany Nettleton

Elementary Custodian


Ashley Rohrs

Office Aid


Mary Schindel

Elementary Nurse


Jennifer Shepherd

Elementary Nurse/Aid


Jessica Turner

Academic Guidance Counselor


Patty Valentine

Elementary Office Manager


Jill Wallace

Athletic Secretary


Bill Wise

Fine Arts Director

Brittany Wise




Kari Airgood

Preschool 3 Teacher


Tiffany Anderson

Preschool Aid/Cub Care Director


Jorie Bail

Art Teacher


Laura Barros

Preschool Aide


Jay Bell

Secondary Bible Teacher


Jeannine Bowdler

5th Grade Teacher


Craig Calizo

Secondary History/Bible Teacher


Brenn Dahms

Elementary Director of Special Needs


Martha Danielian

1st Grade Teacher


Rebecca Dingeldein

4th Grade Teacher


Jenna DuBose

Preschool Aide


Larry DuBose

Secondary Science Teacher/Science Department Chair


Monica Eshleman

Preschool 3 Teacher


Stephanie Estep

Secondary English/French Teacher


Shannon Gause

Elementary Music Teacher


Amy Gervasi

Secondary Science/Math Teacher


Patti Goldsmith

Secondary Science/Theatre Teacher


Andrew Hall

Secondary Math Teacher


Kate Harmon

Secondary English Teacher/Language Arts Department Chair


Brianna Hickman

Preschool Aide


Cindy Higham

Secondary Spanish Teacher


Rebekah Holderman

Kindergarten Teacher


Dan Miller

Secondary History Teacher/History Department Chair


Carly Morales

Pre-K 4 Teacher


CoraLee Ott

2nd Grade Teacher


Lisa Reimink

Elementary PE Teacher


Kim Rogers

Elementary Aide


Laurie Rogers

Secondary Directory of Special Needs


Amy Rosswurm

6th Grade Teacher


Kristen Roth

Pre-K 4 Teacher


Gloria Starrett

Secondary Math Teacher/Math Department Chair


Brittany Tadesse

3rd Grade Teacher


John Voth

Secondary Science/Math Teacher

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