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For returning students



Lakeland Christian Academy and Warsaw Christian Schools have officially become one PK-12th grade school. Any student who was enrolled in either school for the 2019-2020 school year can fill out this re-enrollment application by May 1st.  Any new student will be required to fill out the “New Student Application" beginning March 24th. The Preschool application process will be separate.

In May, LCA will be able to apply with the state to become a K-12 school and will then be able to start the process of applying families for financial aid.  Tuition contracts will be available June 1 and families will then have 30 days to sign contracts and complete the enrollment process.

The tuition rates before any other additional financial aid is calculated for full-time students (students taking 6 or more classes) are as follows:​

Pre-K 3 and 4:

  • 2 Full days: $2,370.00 

  • 2 Half days: $1,625.00

  • 3 Full Days: $3,440.00

  • 3 Half Days: $2,300.00

  • 5 Full Days: $5,040.00

  • 5 Half Days: $3,240.00

Full-time students:

  • K-6th: $7,075.00

  • 7th-12th: $8,850.00

  • Multi-Child Discount for Each Additional Child  = $300


Part-time students:

  • The rate per class for part-time students taking 1 to 5 classes is $1,500 per class.

  • A student must be designated as full-time for certain programs, activities, and graduation.


Payment options:

  • Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually, or on a monthly installment basis.

Please contact Denise Hoyt with questions

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