At LCA, we believe students are called to reflect Christ by being salt and light in this world.  Our dedicated teachers provide students with highly creative, well-rounded fields of study in a college preparatory setting in order to equip them for a highly competitive future.  Classes are taught at a high level by experienced teachers, making LCA the 7th best Christian high school in Indiana.

The students of today will affect the policies, laws, and culture of their generation.  Although for years, America has sent its Christians overseas to evangelize the world, the time has come for Christians to evangelize and change their own nation as well. LCA is the school to train students to change their generation by taking Christianity to the highest levels and the most diverse fields.

More than just biblical integration, the Bible is our foundation for every form of excellence we pursue. Focused scriptural instruction paired with critical thinking skills and worldview exposure arms our students with the skills they need to pursue excellence beyond the classroom walls and sets them apart in the workforce.