​At Lakeland Christian Academy, we believe in continuous improvement. Here are a few of our projects that we would love for you to be a part of, if you would like more information about any of these projects or the specific needs within each, contact Andrea Boyer. aboyer@lcacougars.org

Student Scholarships

65% of our students rely on some sort of financial aid to attend LCA, and 49% of our students meet the income requirements to receive state-sponsored scholarships. As we move away from state vouchers, this leaves a large need for scholarship money to be raised through private donations.


Currently, LCA has one 14 passenger mini-bus that is used throughout the year for sports programs, field trips, and so on. LCA has 155 students and over 80% are involved in athletics. Adding an additional mini-bus would allow us to alleviate the need for volunteer parent drivers.

Mobile Computer Lab

Currently, LCA has a lab with twenty-four operational PCs; however, one lab is inadequate for a 155 student school. A mobile lab would provide thirty laptops that teachers could use when the current lab is full as well as allow state testing to be completed in fewer days.

Integrated Bells and Clock System

With our current clock system, the variation of time from the north to the south end of the building can be upwards of ten minutes. The implementation of digital clocks synced with our bell system creates more accurate time and easier to adjust bell schedules for delay days.

Phone System

The old phone system has served us well, but we are no longer able to get replacement parts for it anymore. It’s time to upgrade. As we expand offerings and grow our school, voice communications both within and outside our school become more and more important.

Exposure Trips

As an extension of the cultural and biblical foundations, students learn in the classroom, we want to provide them opportunities to be exposed to various worldviews. Exposure trips build from the curriculum and give students a chance to think critically while applying what they have learned. Trips will include places such as Washington DC, Toronto, Ecuador, and Europe.