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The LCA theater department is full of great opportunities for thespians of all ages.  Theater is a personal experience and one of the biggest advantages of having small class sizes is being able to work closely with our students for more individualized direction and instruction.  Theater Arts is a six-year program at LCA, starting in 7th grade – most schools do not offer theater at the junior high level.  


Specific acting classes aim to enhance performance, directing, and writing skills. Students will spend time writing scripts to perform for audiences, as well as directing their peers in a Children's Theater production. In technical theater classes, students will learn to build flats, design and construct sets, develop costumes, utilize color schemes and time periods, promote the production, and run lighting and audio equipment. These classes culminate in student-run productions, where their skills are put to the test as they run, star, and perform in shows throughout the year.

Outside of the classroom, all theater students have the privilege of working with the "Actors of the London Stage" program through Notre Dame University. Equity actors from London travel through the U.S. leading workshops and tailoring their instruction to the specific needs of the students. After the workshop, students then have the opportunity to witness the actors in action in a Shakespearian production. Students also regularly attend several plays at surrounding local theaters throughout the year.

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