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Welcome to Lakeland Christian Preschool, we are happy you are here!

You will have the opportunity to view a few of our classes in action and see our incredible teachers at work.  We want you to have the authentic LCA experience, so please expect to see the fun personalities of 4 and 5-year-olds!


If you missed our last live preview recording (on November 12), no worries, just scroll down this page and you can see the videos there!

​We are excited to show you a peek into each of our early-learning classrooms as our master teachers guide the students through activities.  You will even get to experience our Minds-in-Motion curriculum where students use movement to help foster brain development needed to learn to jump, roll, run, skip, hop, climb, crawl and enjoy active play.  This unique programming increases their ability to think cognitively!  You won’t want to miss seeing this in action!