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Our Vision

"Lakeland Christian Academy partners with families by providing a biblically centered, academically excellent education for the glory of God."

Our Mission

"Equipping our students with academic excellence and a discerning faith."

More than 40 years ago, Lakeland Christian Academy opened its doors with just 42 students, one modular building, and a mission to educate, disciple, and inspire students.  The past four decades have been a time of growth as our number of students has steadily grown.  In July of 2020, LCA merged with Warsaw Christian Schools to create one Preschool-12th grade school - bringing our total enrollment to over 430 students.  We are excited to see God moving in the lives of our students and families!

More than just biblical integration, the Bible is our foundation for every form of excellence we pursue.  We pair focused scriptural instruction with critical thinking skills to arm our students with the skills they need to pursue excellence beyond the classroom walls and set them apart in the workforce.  We are excited to see where the Lord takes us as we follow his calling and influence the next generation! 

A few words from our Administrator, Joe Elrod

Thank you for investigating a quality education here at Lakeland Christian Academy. We welcome your interest and hope to partner with you in educating your child.

We recognize that sending your child to a Christian school is a big commitment. It is a financial commitment, it is a time commitment, but most of all it is an eternal commitment. LCA does not take that commitment lightly. We too are committed to our families and our students. We are excited that each student will be receiving a consistent and cohesive worldview from preschool to grade 12. This is exciting to train the whole student and prepare each student to engage and transform the world for Christ.

We are committed to academic excellence. God has gifted each student and our goal is to build their knowledge, hone their skills, and develop their critical thinking so they are able to flourish in whatever field they pursue. This process begins in preschool and continues throughout the elementary, middle, and high school experiences. The goal is not to fill students’ heads with knowledge, but to train them to engage society in a biblical manner by knowing the truth, refuting lies, and lovingly representing Christ.

Beginning a Christian education at the primary level is essential to developing a biblical worldview, Christ-like manners, and motivation. There are so many educational models at the primary level that are quite robust but deny biblical truth. From the beginning, primary students are taught God’s creation and include His distinct roles in creation and in marriage. It is essential that these bedrock truths are integrated into every aspect of the learning experience. Proverbs 22:6 reminds parents to “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proper training at the primary level is essential and we are committed to partner with parents to provide that training.

We are committed to the family and the local church and view our school as an extension of both. In a world where morals, ethics, and responsibility are on the decline, these values are intentionally taught at Lakeland. Academically, God’s word is taught to LCA students from a biblical worldview. Our students are prepared academically for the rigors of college and for the rigors of life!


If you are interested in a partnership with a school that will reinforce the Christian biblical values you teach at home, LCA is the place for you!

Serving Christ Together,

Joe Elrod





Men and women, who felt the need for a Christian high school, established Lakeland Christian Academy (LCA) in the spring of 1974. Working together with Warsaw Christian School, plans were initiated for the 7th and 8th-grade classes of WCS to become part of LCA.

In the summer of 1974, eleven acres of land were purchased. On September 3 of the same year, LCA began classes in the Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church facilities with 42 students in grades 7-9. An additional grade was added each consecutive year.



 In February of 1975, LCA moved to a location on Wooster Road with one modular building. A second modular building was added during the next school year.



 The Class of 1978 was LCA’s first graduating class.



A third building was constructed during the following year, and its annex was added in



LCA moved to its new campus in Winona Lake, Indiana.


Joined the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA).


Enrollment up to 150 students!


Warsaw Christian and LCA merge to become one Preschool - 12th-grade school


Enrollment over 430 students!

Lakeland Christian Academy Cougars | Private School | Winona Lake, IN
Lakeland Christian Academy Cougars | Private School | Winona Lake, IN
Lakeland Christian Academy Cougars | Private School | Winona Lake, IN
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