At Lakeland Christian Academy, your child will be challenged to grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically.  Our students thrive in small classes where teachers know not only who they are but understand their stories.  Every day, our students are prayed for, encouraged, stretched, and loved by teachers and peers.  We hope this website helps you understand our mission, come experience the LCA difference first hand by scheduling a tour.  You will get to meet our experienced teachers, explore our campus, and meet students who are growing every day.  Begin the conversation by talking with our Admissions Officer to see if LCA is the right fit for your family!

Financial Aid

We offer several forms of financial aid to help offset the cost of tuition for families.  We accept vouchers for families who meet state income criteria.  We also offer need-based financial aid options through private donors and merit-based scholarships for students K-12.  Fill out the application to see what you may qualify for! 

Financial Aid FAQ

What tuition scholarships does LCA offer?

LCA participates in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program (also known as “Vouchers”) and the Sagamore Scholarship Granting Organization. Both of these programs are income- based. These programs are available to students in Grades K-12. In addition, LCA has some generous donors and foundation funds that allows us to offer additional student scholarships. LCA also offers academic scholarships based on student performance. Inquire with our admissions officer to learn more about those qualifications”

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

To apply for a scholarship, submit your 2020 Federal Tax Return with your application when you enroll. *Please note that delay in receiving financial documentation could affect how much financial aid is left available and financial payment options. Click here for Preschool Application Click here for K-12 Application

What are the income limits for the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program (also known as “Vouchers”)?

The following chart explains the household income levels for receiving vouchers based on your 2020 tax return. If you meet the income requirements, you still need to qualify for vouchers through one of the following tracks: 1. Continuing Choice Scholarship Student Track 2. Previous Choice Scholarship Student Track 3. Previous Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) Award Track 4. Special Education Track 5. “F” Public School Track 6. Two-Semesters in Public School Track 7. Sibling Track If LCA receives a number of Choice Scholarship applicants that exceeds the possible number of Choice Scholarship places that LCA can successfully accommodate, then LCA would conduct a random lottery drawing on March 26th of eligible Choice Scholarship Students who meet admission standards. LCA’s Superintendent makes “final decision” when “clarification needed. This drawing would be subject to the following priority admission order: 1. Currently enrolled students – during re-enrollment window only 2. New students of LCA Employees 3. Siblings of currently enrolled “full paying” students 4. Siblings of currently enrolled “Tuition Assistance” students (including SGO/ Voucher) 5. LCA Alumni: “full paying” student 6. Prior year LCA “full paying” student 7. Prior year LCA “Tuition Assistance” student 8. LCA Alumni: “Tuition Assistance” students (including SGO/Voucher) 9. New to LCA family: “full paying” students with siblings also enrolling at LCA 10. New to LCA family: “full paying” student 11. New to LCA family: “Tuition Assistance” students (including SGO/ Voucher) with siblings also enrolling 12. New to LCA family: “Tuition Assistance” student (including SGO/Voucher)

What are the income limits for the SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization) assistance?

What does LCA expect from its families?

LCA wants to partner with families who are making an investment in Christian education by being involved with their student(s) and the school community. As part of that investment, LCA does not offer any student scholarships which cover 100% of the tuition. If you need additional support financially, you can utilize the Indiana College Choice 529 program (with a tax credit of up to $1,000 per year).

How does LCA decide what scholarship amount to offer to each family?

Decisions are made on a blind basis by a committee so that families in similar situations are offered a similar financial contract. The amount funded through Vouchers is set by the State of Indiana. The Board sets a budget each year for other scholarships, including SGO scholarships. No additional financial aid is able to be offered once the Board approved budgeted amount is awarded.

Can I contribute toward another student’s tuition?

Absolutely! You can make a designated tax-deductible gift for tuition assistance where LCA will choose the beneficiary student, or you can make a non-tax-deductible gift for tuition assistance for a named student. Under the second option, you can also choose whether to offer the gift anonymously; our only request is that you let us know whether you are committing to a single year of assistance or multiple so the designated student’s family has the appropriate expectations.




Tuition Rates (2021)

The tuition rates before any other additional financial aid is calculated for full-time students (students taking 6 or more classes) are as follows:

Preschool 3 - Pre-K 4

2 Full days: $2,370.00 2 Half days: $1,625.00 3 Full Days: $3,440.00 3 Half Days: $2,300.00 5 Full Days: $5,040.00 5 Half Days: $3,240.00

K - 6th


7th - 12th

7th-12th: $8,850.00

Part-Time Students

The rate per class for part-time students taking 1 to 5 classes is $1,500 per class. A student must be designated as full-time for certain programs, activities, and graduation.


Multi-Child Discount for Each Additional Child = $300

Payment options

Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually or on a monthly installment basis.

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