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The Lakeland Christian Academy Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2010. The Cougar Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to Lakeland Christian Academy both on and off the field of competition. It has been formed to recognize former Cougar athletes, coaches, and contributors (Meritorious service) to the Academy.

The inductees have brought much distinction and honor to LCA and have established a

tradition of Christian excellence. Their achievements have touched everyone associated with LCA both in and out of the arena of athletics. From the inception of interscholastic athletics at LCA to the present, none have better exemplified the true spirit of Christian athletic competition at LCA than these honored players, coaches, administrators, and community supporters.

Two members are inducted into the Hall each year and the elite club is recognized through plaques that are located in the LCA trophy case. Emphasis upon Christian values, moral character, and personal integrity with a passion for LCA are part of the criteria for induction.


Each year, names can be submitted for nomination and will be given consideration by the administration. The inductees are announced in the summer and are formally inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at the Homecoming activities the following fall. If you would like to nominate a former Cougar athlete, coach, or contributor, please fill out the nomination form and click ‘Submit’, sending an email to Athletic Director, Tim Yocum.


Andy Goss

Adam Harman


Jeff Mathisen

Jay Mathisen


Keely King

Dan Miller


Amy Helmuth (Doron)

Jay Widman


Coach Linda Oelze (Horton)

Larry Sumpter


Brennan Lien


Kris Calizo (Doron)

Barry & Kathy Blocher 


Jay Lavender

Matt Reeve 


Ashley Hollis (Addair)

Eric Mikel 


Martin Turner

John Franklin


Cheryl Pulver (Myers)

Corey Rose

Please email any additional information you think would be beneficial for the Committee (

Thank you for submitting your information to the LCA Athletic Hall of Fame Committee.

Any questions, please call the LCA Athletic Department at 574-267-7265 ext: 111

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