Christian Values

Christ is in the center of all we do. Our faculty and staff are Christian believers and teach from a biblical world view. Our textbooks teach all subjects from a Christian perspective and we openly pray with, and for, our students.

Academic Excellence

Our test score averages are higher than the state and national scores. At Lakeland, our students are able to reach their full potential through high standards and individual attention.

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Safe Environment

At Lakeland, we create a safe physical, mental, social, and spiritual environment for your child. The world we live in is filled with evil influences. Through Christ, we create a safe and disciplined place where your child can feel free to be themselves.

Family Oriented

It may sound like a cliché but at Lakeland, we truly are one big family. Parents really get involved and get to know the other parents and students as well as the faculty and staff. You are not alone at Lakeland. You and your family are special to us.

Individual Attention 

Your child is not just another face in the crowd or an ISTEP score. Because we are smaller, our teachers can give each student the individual attention they need to reach their full potential.

Opportunities for Involvement 

From choir and band to athletics and community ministry, your child will be able to participate in activities that they may not have had the opportunity to in a larger public school.