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The elementary years are a time of exciting growth and new opportunities. At LCA, we want our students to enjoy and take responsibility for learning at a young age. Children are challenged to think critically, explore difficult concepts, and ask questions as they progress through the curriculum. Biblical education is foundational in the elementary level as they build a biblical worldview and foundational understanding of Christ-like behavior. They will continue to grow as young men and women of God throughout their years at LCA. Students will take these skills and knowledge far beyond elementary school. 


Students thrive in our classrooms because there is a focus on individualized attention by our dedicated and compassionate teachers. The curriculum builds upon itself every year as it challenges students to grow emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. Our students excel on standardized tests by not only having the knowledge to do so but also having well-developed critical thinking skills. This curriculum is enriched through music, theatre, visual arts, and athletics. Students have the opportunity to express their own creativity while admiring the work of our Creator and developing Christ-like attitudes.