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​Do you pay Indiana State Taxes? Of course, most of us do. Did you know that there is a way to essentially redirect the money you pay toward Indiana state taxes to LCA? When you give to the SGO through the Lakeland fund at Sagamore you get a 50% state tax credit and you may be eligible for an additional Federal Tax deduction as well (consult your tax professional).  Your donation goes straight to the student who could not otherwise afford to attend LCA!  By doing this, you are telling the state you want your tax dollars to support students at Lakeland. This is truly a win-win situation to lower your tax liability while supporting students attending LCA! 

$1,000 Original donation

- $500 State Tax Credit

= $500 Net Cost

**Speak to your tax advisor, you might also be able to see savings on your federal income taxes in addition to the state tax credit**

SGO is a big deal!

Your donation goes further while reducing your state tax liability.

Your donation goes to LCA student scholarships.

The state does limit the amount of tax credits available to donors across the state but there are plenty to go around!

Try the estimator to determine your potential federal and state tax savings:

See more information about donating with checks:

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