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Theater Arts Education is offered to grades 4-6 and on special occasions to grades K-3 for the purpose of developing musical, dramatic, and movement skills both in solo and ensemble work, and in large and small theater productions. Theater Arts is offered in several formats.

The sixth-grade musical, a small musical theater production, is required of all members of the sixth-grade class. Rehearsals and performance occur during the fourth quarter of the school year.

Christmas and spring programs in the form of all school revues of small theater productions are open to grades Pre-K-6 at the discretion of the music teacher.

All theater arts productions are designed to offer opportunities to teach vocal music, both solo and ensemble of the stage, drama and choreography. They also offer opportunities for teaching technical theater skills in stage management, such as set, props and scene changes. All students are encouraged to use their talents for the glory of God.

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