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The tuition rates before any other additional financial aid is calculated for full-time students (students taking 6 or more classes) are as follows:

  • Art
    Art is taught from a distinctly Christian viewpoint in that, in each lesson, God is given credit for being the ultimate creator, the epitome of creative genius, and the model for all our efforts to express our own creative energies. ​ God is the supreme artist and was pleased with His creative work at the time of creation. He has made a world filled with many various shapes, objects, textures, and movements, showing His wonderful creativity. Rich and abundant colors of every shade and hue permeate this created world. In art, the great beauty of the creation is explored and appreciated. God has given individuals the ability of expression that can be used to reflect His beauty and bring Glory to His name.
  • Music
    Here at LCA, we offer music, choir, band, chimes, and a musical. Our overall goal is to instill in students a well-rounded appreciation of music as a gift from God and an avenue of praise to Him. Our curriculum goals are based on the National Standards for Music Education. These goals are put into practice through singing, moving, chanting, playing instruments, reading music, and listening on a weekly basis. ​ Music curriculum is adjusted to the appropriate grade level for each class. Beginning in preschool, students learn to explore the sounds and experiences of music. Each year the curriculum builds on this knowledge and experience. In third grade, students begin learning to play the recorder. Fourth-grade students learn all about instruments, bands, and orchestras in preparation for the option to start a band instrument. Guitars are introduced in fifth grade, and sixth grade finishes the year with the annual musical. ​ “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” ~ Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Theatre
    Theater Arts Education is offered to grades K-3 for the purpose of developing musical, dramatic, and movement skills both in solo and ensemble work, and in large and small theater productions. Theater Arts is offered in several formats. ​​ Christmas and spring programs in the form of all school revues of small theater productions are open to grades Pre-k – 3rd at the discretion of the music teacher. ​ All theater arts productions are designed to offer opportunities to teach vocal music, both solo and ensemble of the stage, drama and choreography. They also offer opportunities for teaching technical theater skills in stage management, such as set, props and scene changes. All students are encouraged to use their talents for the glory of God.
  • Physical Education
    At the primary level, the focus of physical education is the development of physical fitness, motor skills, manipulative skills, and team sports skills. A strong emphasis is made to teach the children the rules and strategies of games as well as to demonstrate a Christ-like attitude toward self and others. ​ ​When students reach the upper elementary level, the focus of physical education is the development of physical fitness, individual and team sports skills, manipulative skills, and lifetime leisure activities. The students learn good sportsmanship and develop team-building skills that benefit them across all subjects of school.
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