The tuition rates before any other additional financial aid is calculated for full-time students (students taking 6 or more classes) are as follows:

Preschool 3 - Pre-K 4

2 Full days: $2,370.00 2 Half days: $1,625.00 3 Full Days: $3,440.00 3 Half Days: $2,300.00 5 Full Days: $5,040.00 5 Half Days: $3,240.00

K - 6th


7th - 12th

7th-12th: $8,850.00

Part-Time Students

The rate per class for part-time students taking 1 to 5 classes is $1,500 per class. A student must be designated as full-time for certain programs, activities, and graduation.


Multi-Child Discount for Each Additional Child = $300

Payment options

Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually or on a monthly installment basis.

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