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2020 LCA All School Awards

Despite the unusual ending to the school year, we are incredibly proud of our students and how strongly they performed throughout the year – whether that meant sitting at a desk in the classroom, or at their kitchen table at home. Each year, we honor students who stand out in each discipline, those who achieve high academic status, and those who show exemplary and Christ-like character. Usually, we all gather in the Cafetorium to honor and celebrate our students’ hard work. Even though we cannot gather together this year, we are excited to announce the 2020 winners of the following awards. Department Awards Each department has selected students to recognize. These students will receive a certificate.

Fine Arts

Excellence in Art

Meribeth Rahn Courtney Aranda Andrew Zink Kathryn Monsma Derek Arter

Outstanding Achievement in Theater Performance and Technical Theater Hunter Goss Eli Goss Nate Reimink Thespian Award - continual improvement in Theater performances Lani Calizo Bri Creekmore Most Improved in Music Maribeth Rahn Jenna Lea Rebecca Schwartz Naotaro Matsumra Excellence in Music Braden Weirick Adrian Bowdler Kathryn Monsma Faith Rogers Emma Zink Diligence in Music Catherine Dahms Jubal Award - 4 years of faithful involvement in the Music Department Mason Roesner Sostenuto Award – 6 years of faithful involvement in the Music Department Emma Zink Kendall Stevens

Social Studies

Most Outstanding Caroline Alderfer – 7th Grade Social Studies Jordan Rogers – 8th Grade Social Studies Hannah Weirick – World History

Veronica Mason – United States History Abigail Burns – Government and Economics Historical Interest Award Joanna Silveus – 7th Grade Social Studies Amaya Hoyt – 8th Grade Social Studies Keely Bauer – World History Joy Hanes – United States History Sam Turner – Government and Economics


Excellence in Science Caroline Alderfer Jordan Rogers Nathaniel Reimink Faith Rogers Joshua Nakasone Certificate of Inquiry in Science Anna Silveus Zac Dorsett Hannah Weirick David Plastow

Victoria Calizo Diligence in Science Claire Schindel Micah Lenn Zachariah Ochoa Kathryn Monsma Abigail Bosch Angella Stichter Wendy Schmitt Abigail Burns Science Scholar Gavin Hood Amaya Hoyt

Foreign Language

Outstanding Achievement in Spanish

Nate Reimink Veronica Mason Faith Rogers Avery Hobbs


Barnabas Award – Being an encouragement to others through words and actions (Acts 4:36) Katie Reimink Lexi Martinez Thomas Alejado Jenna Lea Nathaniel Reimink Becca Bass Brooklyn Apted Berean Award – Being eager to learn and apply what is being taught (Acts 17:11) Candace Winston Caroline Alderfer Kelsey Cox Jordan Rogers Zac Dorsett Keely Bauer Angella Stichter Boldness Award – Speaking boldly about your faith inside and outside of class (Acts 28:31) Claire Harman Piper Elrod Micah Lenn Rebekah Goldsmith Kathryn Monsma Hannah Weirick


Excellence in Writing Adan Meyer Bethany Stichter Kathryn Monsma Faith Rogers Jess Mason Outstanding in English Piper Elrod Jordan Rogers Nate Reimink Angella Stichter Veronica Mason Diligence in English Braden Weirick Gavin Hood Annie Buriff Wendy Schmitt Joy Hanes

Christian Character Awards

The Christian Character Award is given to students, by students. It is given to one male student and one female student in each grade whose life is consistently marked by the fruit of the Spirit: love joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This award is not based on grades, popularity, or athletic ability. These students will receive a Christian Character pin.

7th Grade Girl: Maribeth Rahn 7th Grade Boy: Adan Meyer 8th Grade Girl: Jordan Rogers 8th Grade Boy: Micah Lenn 9th Grade Girl: Kathryn Monsma 9th Grade Boy: Nate Reimink 10th Grade Girl: Faith Rogers 10th Grade Boy: Derek Arter 11th Grade Girl: Joy Hanes 11th Grade Boy: Josh Nakasone

Belknap Scholarship

The Suzanne Belknap Memorial Award is given to the female students that have the highest GPA at the end of their Sophomore year. (These students must have attended LCA as a Freshman and be continuing as a Junior.) The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage young women to continue to strive for academic excellence. This is given in honor of the incredible example of high academics achieved by the Suzanne Belknap family. Four continuous generations of women have been the valedictorians of their class. Starting with her mother Harriet Hendrick, then Suzanne Hendrick Belknap herself, her daughter Julie Belknap Nieveen, and her granddaughter Ellie Nieveen. It is the hope of the Belknap family that the winders of the Suzanne Belknap Memorial Award will continue with their academic diligence and also be at the top of their graduating class.

Angella Stichter Abigail Bosch A-B Honor Roll

The following students achieved no quarter grade lower than a B- this year. They will receive an honor roll pin and certificate.

Katherine Alderfer Thomas Alejado Brooklyn Apted Courtney Aranda Derek Arter Simon Avey Trey Avey Gaby Basalo Adrian Bowdler Abigail Burns Jessica Calizo Victoria Calizo Addisyn Daley Zac Dorsett Rachel Easterling Piper Elrod Jordan Gross Luci Grossnickle Joy Hanes Matthew Helton Finley Hobbs Gavin Hood Joshua Jones Noah Kohler Claire Lambert Micah Lenn Jess Mason Garrett McKeever Aidan McQuade Joshua Nakasone Meribeth Rahn Katie Reimink Jordan Rogers Elizabeth Schmitt Yohannes Schmitt Madisyn Sell Kendall Stevens Parker Stewart Bethany Stichter Leila Todd Samuel Turner Braden Weirick Hannah Weirick Andrew Zink Emma Zink

All A Honor Roll

The following students achieved no quarter grade lower than an A- this year. These students will receive an honor roll pin and certificate.

Caroline Alderfer Rebecca Bass Abigail Bosch Kelsey Cox Hunter Goss Avery Hobbs Amaya Hoyt Veronica Mason Kathryn Monsma Zachariah Ochoa Landon Paris Nathaniel Reimink Faith Rogers Claire Schindel JoAnna Silveus Hannah Starrett Angella Stichter Janae Wise



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