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Following God's Pattern - Adam Harman Alumni Story

As much as you think you have a plan for your life, God often has a different (and better) plan in store. LCA graduate, Adam Harman, has watched this unfold in his own life throughout the years. After graduating from LCA in 1996, Adam found himself attending three different colleges, pursuing four different degrees and working for three different companies before returning to his hometown to run his family’s business. In 2012, he took over ownership of Lowery Sewing and Vacuum Center in Warsaw - a business his great-grandfather started 75 years ago. Growing up, Adam spent a lot of time working in the store and he remarks that in many ways, it still feels the same as when he was younger. His brother, Britt, had been running the family business until he was called to be a missionary in Guatemala. Continuing on his family’s legacy and aligning people with quality products has been a great joy to Adam over the years.

When reflecting on his time at LCA, Adam describes his education as being the natural result of having faith as the driver in the classroom. While academics were still a big focus of his time at LCA, God and relationships were the key to his growth. Looking back, he appreciates how resourceful his teachers were, given how small Lakeland was before the current building was constructed. One of the highlights of his time as a Cougar was playing basketball under the leadership of Coach Brennen Lien. When he started on the team, they were not as passionate about winning and doing things the right way as they should be.". Coach Lien encouraged the entire team and changed their outlook on the whole sport – suddenly they were playing passionately and playing to win. This theme of being seen and known by teachers and staff members was consistent throughout his time at LCA and propelled him to choose Christian education for his own family.

His three children now attend Lakeland, and though they are in a different building than Adam grew up in, he is happy to see the mission is still consistent. His daughter Claire is in 10th grade and his twins, Lila and Jonah, are in 8thgrade. You will often find Adam and his wife Mindy cheering on their children in the audience or bleachers as they are involved in many activities at LCA. Mindy has worked for LCA for four years and is currently serving as the Business Operations Officer. Their family attends Winona Lake Grace Church and Adam has been serving in children’s ministry at the middle school level. Having teenagers himself and serving in this capacity has shown him how God transitions people in ministry throughout their lives. While Adam’s plans and goals have changed throughout his life, he has felt equipped to tackle the challenge God has put before him each step of the way – from running his family’s business to raising teenagers, he can see God’s hand through it all. To learn more about Lowrey’s, click here.



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