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The Benefits of Early Childhood Education

As parents, we always want to give our children the tools they need to succeed in life. We want to give them a leg up, a head start, a boost into their next stage of life. There are countless opportunities that parents have to do this, some beginning as early as infancy. And of course, everyone has their opinion on what works best and is eager to share it. But let’s face it, every child is responds differently, every child develops differently, every child learns differently – because every child is different!

Just as every child is different, childcare options are just as different. On the surface, daycares and early learning centers appear to be similar (if not the same), but their core goals can be different. Both serve the purpose of caring for your child, but the education component that comes with early learning centers can have long-lasting impacts when compared to traditional daycares. Rather than providing supervised care with elements of social development among children their own age, early learning centers encourage cognitive learning at a young age. This introduction to learning prepares and excites children for a lifetime of learning.

Educational experiences during these formative years will impact your child’s immediate and long-term future. They will start school ready to learn, rather spending their Kindergarten year learning how to learn. Daycare will introduce your child to basic educational elements, whereas education is the core of early learning centers. Age-appropriate, challenging, and play-based curriculum will stimulate their curiosity about learning. You will witness your 3-year-old begin to reason and hold conversations. You will see your 4-year-old develop decision making skills. You will watch your 5-year-old think critically about the world. You will see your 6-year-old thrive in Kindergarten and excel in problem solving. This pattern of development won’t end as they enter primary school, it will follow them for the rest of their life.

Choosing an early learning center to educate your child is an investment in their future. LCA Preschool offers an education that is at or above all early learning standards. All of our early childhood educators are degreed and use research-based curriculum paired with daily Minds in Motion and STEM/STEAM activities. Learn more about how the rich learning environment at LCA can set your child up for a lifetime of learning!



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