As we speak to graduates, we are encouraged to see discerning, lifelong learners, who are living out what they have been taught at LCA. Each student has learned to defend and present their faith in a loving way as Jesus did.

Our Bible department gives each student the tools that are needed to understand and grow in their personal walk with Christ, while also equipping them to discern false views and defend their own faith. We are trying to create an environment and culture where we challenge and expect students to take the next step in their spiritual walk. The Christian culture and atmosphere is one that we are constantly monitoring and developing. We are not perfect, but we encourage each student to pursue holiness and excellence in their spiritual and academic lives.

In junior high, first and foremost we want students to understand the Gospel and that they are created by God in His image by being exposed to the salvation message understanding of the major tenets and beliefs of evangelical Christianity. 

We strive to create personal interactions with teachers and interactive discussions with students, to help develop and challenge a faith based on the truth of God’s Word. We also encourage students to get plugged into a local church and to develop accountability with other students. We provide time each week for the entire student body to worship and receive Biblical instruction together through a student-led chapel.

In high school, we want students to understand the importance of interpreting the truth of God’s Word for themselves, explaining that to others, apologetics, and evangelism. Classes are highly academic doctrinal classes on par with most Christian universities in rigor and study. This class intends to prepare each student for the standards expected by most Christian colleges, and for them to be leaders and teachers in their respective churches. Classes are supplemented by exposure trips.  These trips expose students to varying worldviews and give students a chance to think critically while applying what they have learned. Trips include places like The Creation Museum/Ark and Ecuador. 



Some of the key features of the science department include a strong integration of the Biblical worldview, extensive inquiry-based instruction, 21st-century technological training, and an emphasis on content literacy.  

The curriculum engages the secular science standards while training students to think critically about the worldview- secularism- and its shortcomings when measured against the Biblical account. It roots its understanding in man as simultaneously created in God’s image and fallen. 


  • The school allows students to work with many tools, culminating in 3D scale model builds with a 3D printer. 

  • The student-to-teacher ratio in the science department is 13:1 which allows more guidance and interaction during the course of inquiry-based labs, quicker feedback on assignments, and more freedom for students to ask questions. 

  • Our biology scores on state testing exceed the state average pass rate.



Math is taught at Lakeland with the underlying premise that math is God’s language of the universe and that it demonstrates his consistency and design in creation.  Students understand that God created them to be logical and reasonable beings, able to use math to make sense of the world around them. 

​In each grade at LCA, students have the opportunity to be in either a grade-level math class or an honors class. Students at LCA have demonstrated strength in algorithms and procedural fluency and have many opportunities to collaborate and help each other understand a concept and develop problem-solving. 

Time is spent in class showing and discussing different strategies for problem-solving and giving students examples of real-world situations.

Highlights and/or miscellaneous things to note:

  • LCA students on average perform at the state and local average state standardized tests and on the SAT or ACT.  

  • Honors students also have the option to take an AP Calculus class their senior year. 

  • There are specific times set aside for those who need additional support when it comes to homework or understanding course material.



LCA’s Spanish courses provide students with rich exposure to world cultures and a biblical lens through which to view cultural practices. Each unit of language study is driven by a cultural theme, and Spanish learners are kept abreast of current events in the Spanish-speaking world. Bible-based conversations are seamlessly woven into discussions, and students participate in corporate prayer for global concerns. The program also approaches culture study with a missionary mindset, exposing students to the needs of the world around them and challenging them to be the hands and feet of Christ. 

​The Spanish program employs language acquisition-driven methods and elicits high student engagement. It incorporates a plethora of content areas, which results in well-rounded language students who acquire Spanish through diverse contexts. LCA Spanish courses employ Comprehensible Input immersion techniques and TPRS® strategies.  Students begin to hear and use Spanish from day 1, and quickly develop practical conversational skills.   

​Students are engaged in spontaneous personalized conversation to sharpen their interpersonal communication skills. All levels of Spanish classes are conducted in Spanish for at least 95% of instructional time, and many parents have also noted that LCA students are using Spanish beyond the walls of the classroom, conversing on a basic level with native speakers in their community. 

Spanish classrooms are arranged to create an environment that facilitates interaction. Desks have been removed for a flexible seating arrangement, and small-group and paired communicative activities are now an integral part of the program’s approach to increasing oral output. 

Highlights and/or miscellaneous things to note:

  • ACTFL proficiency descriptors are used to determine student placement, evaluating students in the following skill areas: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Last year, 90% of Spanish 1 students completed the year at the novice-high proficiency level. 100% of students currently enrolled in Spanish 3 have been placed at the intermediate mid-level in both interpretive listening and reading. 



In 7th grade, students are given a broad view of world history and geography.

The 8th-grade year allows students to encounter U.S. History up to the Reconstruction period. 

World History credit is attained through a course called Geography and History of the World or AP World History through the College Board – this class focuses on the development of content evidence-based writing and document analysis and students are also given opportunities to research historical events to apply some of the education skills being taught.

Juniors take either U.S. History or AP U.S. History. 

Seniors take a Government class which primarily focuses on the type of government we have in the United States, how our government flows from the Constitution, and they have a chance to look at Supreme Court cases and examine the application of those cases with a Christian worldview. Seniors also take an Economics class, which focuses on the structure of the American economy, and teaches students both Macro and Microelements of our economy.



LCA is fortunate to have 2 programs supporting students with Specific Educational Needs.  The Joshua Class supports students who may not be working toward a diploma through LCA.  Students participate in core subjects at their instructional level through very small groups and are integrated into Bible Class, LCA’s social life, and elective courses. The Resource Program supports students seeking an LCA high school diploma.  Resource students are supported through accommodations, small group study periods, teacher collaboration, and organizational tools.



1 Corinthians 6:19-20, "Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies."



Reflecting the glory of God as Master Creator-Artist and empowering the creative spirit in all students through exploration, appreciation, and mastery of art mediums, techniques, tools, and creative thinking skills.



The music department keeps a busy schedule with a Fall Concert, Fine Arts Day Christmas Celebration Concert, and the Fine Arts 'Spring Fling' Concert in May. Music students also participate in the annual ACSI Music Festival held at Bethel College. LCA music groups will also occasionally perform in the community. Choir is available for grades 7-12 and the Student Worship Arts Team (S.W.A.T.) is a 'student-led' ensemble for high school students by audition only.



​Students leave LCA well prepared for writing at the college level. One of our greatest strengths as a department is our emphasis on biblical integration in all areas of the language arts curriculum. This emphasis has helped fulfill our school mission of not just helping students to grow towards academic excellence, but also discipling them towards being Christians who will engage ideas and impact their world for Christ. 

In the junior high, language arts scores continue to be well above the state average. They are also among the top in our county. Scores were slightly higher in the 8th grade than the 7th grade which seems to demonstrate that with time at LCA, students will improve in their language arts skills. 

Students are at or above grade level at the following language arts skills: identifying theme, point of view, basic parts of speech, plot diagramming, vocabulary development, and writing summaries. LCA has created a writing class that is meant to supplement, expand, and more deeply develop students’ writing ability.

Highlights and/or miscellaneous things to note:

  • In high school, language arts scores are well above the state average. PSAT scores in our honors students are also above national and state averages. 

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