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Intermediate-age students can often feel lost and overlooked as they begin to find their own identities.  We prioritize this age because as they are figuring out who they are, we want to instill the importance of finding their identity in Christ first and foremost. These years are so important as they are hitting developmental benchmarks; however, their spiritual development is just as important. These years between elementary and high school are more than just the passing of time, these years are full of academic, personal, mental, and spiritual growth that deserves to be celebrated.  Our students are loved and known, not only by their teachers but also by Jesus.


Our Intermediate School encompasses the largest group of students at LCA and was created to strengthen academic and biblical core understandings.  The purpose of this school is to make sure each student feels seen, heard, and understood as they are in these formative years.  However, there is a big difference between a 4th grader and an 8th grader.  Our Intermediate School has the same purpose, mission, and goals across the board, but a different, look based on grade level.


We separate grades for certain aspects of the day to be able to pour into them age-appropriate academic, biblical, and emotional content.  4th - 8th grades are all under the Intermediate School umbrella and pursue the same mission, but we are able to add more depth to teachings, more intentionality to interactions, and more focus on student needs.

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