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Running the Race - LCA Cross Country

Running. Most people find it as either a chore or a passion. The eight students on the LCA Cross Country team fall into the latter category. Though small in numbers, this team’s dedication to self-improvement is bringing in personal record after personal record.

This season is Coach Amy Rice’s first season coaching Cross Country, though she has extensive experience coaching track. “I know that coaching - loving and pushing athletes mentally and physically - is my passion,” stated Coach Rice, “I just love it!” Coach Rice has seen significant improvement in every athlete as they continue to train and improve their times.

One of those athletes is sophomore, Rebecca Bass. Rebecca has demonstrated her strong work ethic and determination as she has improved her time in five out of the six races she has competed. Freshmen, Jude Hall, and senior, David Plastow, push one another to run faster and work harder each night at practice. This friendly competition shows itself in meets, as they both continue to improve their individual times and vie for the top spot. On the last night of his season, eighth grader, Yohannes Schmitt, ran his fastest mile of the season - at a whopping 4:47 pace. “As coaches, we can only give our athletes the tools to be successful,” Coach Rice explains, “it is up to the athletes to dedicate themselves and work hard. It is incredibly rewarding to the athletes and to me as a coach to see them smiling from ear to ear and ecstatic because they have done so well - it is the reason I coach!”

Under Coach Rice’s leadership, this team has set 22 personal records in only seven meets this season. The athletes also give larger schools’ a run for their money as they compete against teams that are three and four times their size. This team exudes the characteristics that LCA teaches students - dedication, work ethic, grit, and humility.

Good luck at sectionals!



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