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SGO Program: Deeper than a Donation

“Sending our kids to LCA was the easy part of our schooling decision. It was the financial aspect that left us wondering whether or not we could make the jump to providing our kids with a faith-based education. We were prayerful in our approach and delighted to learn that there was a scholarship opportunity available to us through SGO! Their generosity is what enabled us to follow through and enroll our kids!”

-LCA Family that received an SGO Scholarship

Following God’s prompting can be intimidating. Especially when it feels as though he is calling us into unknown territory, and we can’t understand how we could possibly navigate it. That is the path this LCA family found themselves on earlier this year. While they felt the clear call to give their children a Christian education, they were unsure how they could possibly make the tuition payments for their four kids. With an immense amount of trust, they enrolled their children at LCA and prayed for an answer to the looming tuition concern.

The SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization) program was the answer to their prayers – along with over 100 other students that attend LCA that participate in this program. SGO scholarships provide the financial resources to make Christian education attainable for families that would otherwise find it difficult to make the tuition payments. There can be many barriers to a private education, but we do our best to mitigate financial obstacles. However, we can’t do it alone.

A unique aspect of this program is the benefit it provides to donors to contribute to these scholarships. Indiana residents that donate to the SGO program receive 50% of their donation back as a state tax credit. This allows donors to essentially redirect their state tax dollars to help LCA students afford a Christian education. To make this program even better, anyone that pays Indiana state taxes, and can participate and there are no minimum or maximum contribution amounts. Many families that own small businesses find this to be a helpful way to offset state tax liability, while supporting a cause that is close to home. This money directly impacts students in our school and families in our community – truly a win-win situation for everyone.

We are grateful for each of our donors that invest in our students’ futures. “We have seen God working in our daughter's life so much this year and we know her experience at LCA has been a huge part of that,” says a first time SGO recipient, “none of this would have been possible without the SGO funding we received.” Many first-year families, including this new LCA family, are not eligible for other types of financial aid – making the SGO program incredibly impactful when it seems that God is calling them into a financially uncertain situation. Watching God open doors for our families through our generous donors’ contributions is truly a blessing.

“The SGO funds have allowed us to see and feel God’s provision up close and personal!

God spoke. We obeyed. He has provided! What a gift to be able to tell our kids about how He has done this for us.”

If you are interested in helping to provide a path for families to attend LCA while also receiving a tax benefit and making your donation go further, email Andrea Boyer at or visit

to learn more. Contributions can be made on our website at and all donations made before the end of December will count toward your 2022 state taxes!

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